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K-C Foundation

Kimberly-Clark Foundation

Established in 1952, our mission of charitable giving is based on our promise to be a good employer, a good neighbor and to support causes that provide the essentials for a better life.

Taking Care and Giving Care

The Kimberly-Clark Foundation carries out the social responsibility efforts of the company, with its primary focus on social and community investments that increase access to sanitation, help children thrive and empower women and girls.

The Kimberly-Clark Foundation, together with funding from the corporation and our employees, responds to causes and programs with financial contributions, donations of Kimberly-Clark products, and volunteer time.

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Experience Life Without a Toilet
Can you imagine life without a toilet? This unimaginable thought is the reality for 2.5 billion people worldwide.
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Community Engagement
Kimberly-Clark has supported the United Way for 65 years.
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